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Järvsö Bike Park – downhill in Sweden

Discover an entire mountain with exciting downhill cycling trails of all levels of difficulty.
We have everything from the easiest green to the really, really hard trails for experts. The foundations of our trails vary from the finest earth to roots and rocks. The are also built-in obstacles and aids such as bridges and flyovers.

Bike Park Trailmap 2018

Here’s information about some of the trails in Järvsö Bike Park.
There is a total of 23 trails of 2018, due to the construction of a new high speed 6-seated charilift we will open four new trails from the south top of the mountain. A couple of trails (light colors on the trailmap) will be shut down during the construction time from the ”old top”. The new trails will open during spring 2018. The new chairlift will be open 2019 for bikers.

Very easy
Gröna Granna & Monica
Ride the green trails called Gröna Granna and Monica from top to bottom. Easy trails that is suitable for beginners. The speed is low and there are no jumps or drops – you will simply learn the bicycle and the mountain in peace and quiet.

According to many riders, Barbro is the absolute most fun trail in Swedish cycling. Large velodrome curves, nice jumps to absorb the downhills and exciting challenges. All cyclists enjoy Barbro, from full-blooded pros to families with kids trying downhill for the first time. This trail is exactly what Järvsö Bike Park stands for – cycling for everyone.


When Malin was built in 2009/2010, it was something new in Swedish cycling: a trail that was dug with large curves and a flow that no one had seen before. Despite several thousand runs down Malin, it hasn’t become boring, if anything more fun because the more you ride it, the better you become. Malin is a blue trail that is perfect to begin cycling on if, contrary to expectations, you get tired of Barbro.

A bit more technical than Malin. There is a lot of things going on all the time and it seems very fast because of the closeness to trees and obstacles.

En tuff brud (a tough chick)
En tuff brud is a red trail that offers the most. Stone slabs, dug curves, bridges, rollable mini drops and good speed. If you’re a good cyclist, you will appreciate the choices on En tuff brud, and if you’re a beginner, you will notice an improvement in your cycling.

Twist twist
A red trail with everything in the form of jumps, gaps, sweeping curves, step downs and step ups. Will be a favourite among many cyclists in Järvsö.

Itzy bitzy
During the time Itzy Bitzy was built in Järvsö, the name had not yet been decided. English names, cool names, etc. were all discussed. But when it was completed, it felt really “itzy bitzy”. Flowing, tricky and incredibly fun. That the name comes from a tune by Lill Babs (Swedish singer) certainly doesn’t hurt. A black single track that is a good introduction if you want to learn to ride black trails.

Lite för liten (a little too small)
This is our hardest trail – a cycling trail for the real experts in the group. Designed and built by no less than Tom Pro from Gravity Logic, and praised by cyclists who have made it through. If you ride this most incredible trail, you’re tougher than nails.

Trailmap 2018

Video from JBP

Jarvso Bike Park in Sweden


Rental & lift ticket 09.00-17.00.
Service 09.00-17.00.

Lift tickets

Adult (+16 years)
1 day: 310 SEK
2 days: 570 SEK
3 days: 810 SEK
Keycard: 50 SEK
Season Pass: 3.200 SEK

Youth (-15 years)
1 day: 260 SEK
2 days: 465 SEK
3 days: 665 SEK
Keycard: 50 SEK
Season Pass: 2.800 SEK

Opening hours in Järvsö Bike Park 2018

Järvsö Bike Park 2018 Season starts Season ending
Friday 18 may Sunday 4 november
Lift Open Close
Season premiere: 18 may – 20 may 10.00 16.00
Every day: 25 may – 2 september 10.00 16.00
Fridays: 18 may – 31 august (except midsummer, june 23: 10-16…) 10.00 19.30
Super-Wednesdays: 4, 11, 18, 25 july and 1, 8, 15 august 10.00 19.30
Friday 7 september – sunday 9 september 10.00 16.00
Friday 14 september – sunday 16 september 10.00 16.00
Friday 21 september – sunday 23 september 10.00 16.00
Friday 28 september – sunday 30 september 10.00 16.00
Saturday 6 october – sunday 7 october 10.00 16.00
Saturday 13 october – sunday 14 october 10.00 16.00
Saturday 20 october – sunday 21 october 10.00 16.00
Saturday 27 october – sunday 28 october 10.00 16.00
Week 44 29 october – 4 november 09.00 15.00
Jarvso Bike Park in Sweden

Shop & Workshop

Our shop and workshop are located just 50 meters from the lift. In addition to bicycles, you can buy most spare parts, clothes and helmets required for a fun day in the joints.
Our workshop is one of the best you can find – we do all kinds of workshop work including service of shocks and forks!

Take the opportunity to service your forks and shocks during your visit in Järvsö!
We do service on most of the brands out there. Pleas send us a e-mail or call us before your visit so we can plan the service for your gear.
Mail: verkstad@jarvsobergscykelpark.se
Phone: +46 651 769192


Call and book at: +46 (0)651-76 91 92
E-mail: info@jarvsobergscykelpark.se
Onlinebooking: http://butik.jarvsobergscykelpark.se


When you click further, you will enter the www.jarvso.se website, where you can book accommodation in Järvsö.
Click here to book accommodation.

If you prefer to call:
+46 651-403 06
0651-403 06 (if you are in Sweden)

Rental bikes 2018

NS Bikes

This year’s big news!
Available in several sizes and fits bikers from ca 170 cm long.


Our faithful servant!
Available in several sizes and fits bikers from ca 165 cm long.

Strateline 7.0

Available in models for bikers that are ca 1.55 to 1.80 cm tall.

Tyro 24″

Available to bikers about 1.50 to 1.60 cm tall and weighs up to 70 kg. Bike has 24-inch wheels.

Stinky 24″

Available for younger bikers that is about 1.40 to 1.55 cm tall and weighs up to 50 kg. Bike has 24-inch wheels.