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Rules & Safety in JBP

We urge all our guests to follow our rules, to make sure that all will have a safe and pleasant experience.

Fullface helmet and a MTB with front suspension and disc brakes are mandatory.

Welcome to Järvsö Bergscykelpark - a paradise for bikers

Here you can find easy trails for beginners and trails for experts from all around the world!

Our slogan is Biking for everyone. We have designed the park in a way that it will be fun and challenging for all our downhillriding guests. Read this guide and get as much theoretical knowledge as possible before hitting the trails - we want you to ride in a safe way!

Accidents can happend to anyone, more specific during the first lap or when you starting to get tired. It is important that you as a biker know your gear, the trails and, most important, your own skill for the day. We recommend to take a few inspectionlaps to warm up and see the trails, as well as taking breaks when you starting to feel tired. 

Remember that weather, wind and other forces of nature can drastically (and quickly) change the trails.

Riding the trails multiple times is a good way to enhace your riding skills - that way you can raise your own competence without risking stepping over your own threshold.


Fullface helmet and a MTB with front suspension and disc brakes are required.

To be allowed to bike in the park you need to have a fullface helmet. We also recommend body armor as well as knee- and elbow protection. The bike needs to have suspension at least in the front (full suspension is recommended) and be equipped with disc brakes. 

No animals are allowed in the lift.

All biking takes place at your own risk 

It is the bikers own responsibility to select tracks within their capabilities as well as adapt after their own level. One person per bike, no accessories such as "Kids ride shotgun", bike carts etc are allowed in the trails. Parents are always responsible for kids/minors riding in Järvsö Bergscykelpark. 

You are not allowed to be in the park after the lift is closed

When the lift is closed the park becomes a work place. Staff and vehicles will be in the area and it is forbidden to bike during non opening hours.

The guest has a resposibility to know the rules

The guest should have read and understood the rules in ”SLAO's Lilla Gröna” as well as Järvsö Bergscykelparks local rules - make sure to check the parks infoboards. If the guest break the rules, the park have the right to terminate the deal and the bike pass.


Respect cordons and signs

If the guest break the rules, the park have the right to terminate the deal and the bike pass.

Adapt your speed and show respect for other guests and the nature

• Hikers and others are not allowed in the trails. Staff might work on the trails during opening hours, so keep an eye open.

• Overtaking other bikers are not allowed. Talk to them and ask for permission to pass them.

• Pay attention where trails cross or merge with each other.

• Adapt your riding depending on what kind of weather it is.

• Do not stop where other bikers can not see you. Like behind jumps, around corners etc.

• Do not throw trash in the nature and bike only on marked trails. 

Alcohol and drugs are not allowed

Intoxicated guests will not be allowed in the park.

The bike pass is personal

People that are using the lift and trails without a valid bike pass will receive a fine at 1500 SEK.

The guest is responsible for their own equipment

The guest is responsible for their own equipment and will also be responsible for damages on other guests, staff or the parks gear.

JBP takes no responsibility for damages on bikes regardless if it is in the lift or in the trails.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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