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Directions to Järvsö Bergscykel Park


Address to Järvsö Bergscykel Park and JBP Hotell

Vallmovägen 20
827 51 JÄRVSÖ

Travelling by car from Stockholm

It takes about 3 hours by car from Stockholm. Travel on the E4 until Tönnebro, about 50 kms north of Gävle. From Tönnebro, travel on road 83 to Järvsö.

Getting here by train

Atlantbanan, Stockholm, Järvsö, Trondheim, stops at Järvsö railway station every day.

"X-Tåget", a commuter train from Gävle, stops at Järvsö railway station multiple times each day.


From Stockholm and Uppsala you can ride "Härjedalingen" every day.


Take the plane to Arlanda - travel by rental, bus or train the rest of the way. It takes about 2,5 hours between Arlanda and Järvsö.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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