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Here we list some of our frequently asked questions. 

Is it possible to make an reservation by e-mail or phone?

No, all reservations are done through our online reservation. Are you a bigger group (minimum of 20 people), please send us an e-mail.

How long is the bike park open during the days?

The lift is open between 09.30 and 16.00. Note: Week 44: 09.00-15.00. See more about Opening hours.

Can you make a reservation for half a day?

No, reservations are only for one or more days. If you want to bike half a day, drop-in and see if there are any bikes available.

What kind of bike is allowed in the park?

The bike needs front suspension as well as disc brakes on both wheels.

What kind of protection do I need?

Fullface helmet is mandatory. Knee-, leg and body armor is optional but highly recommended. Front suspension and disc brakes on the bike.

What size do I need on my rental bike?

Click the "info" tab on the online reservation site. There you will see more information and recommendations.

Do you recommend to make a reservation before arrival?

Yes, very much so. During weekends, holidays etc we recommend that you make a reservation at least 1,5-2 weeks before your visit.

What are your terms and conditions?

Se our terms and conditions here

Can I use the lift without a bike?

Yes, tickets are for sale in our shop.

How can I contact you?

By phone on +46 (0)651-769192. During weekends and holidays we can be hard to reach because of high workload, please send an e-mail on

Do you have a hotel as well?

Yes, we offer rooms and online reservations in our JBP Hotel. For more questions regarding other hotels, cabins etc, please contact Järvsö Tourism office on +46 (0)651-40306.

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