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Biking in Järvsö Bergscykel Park

We have trails in all difficulties - from the easiest green to double black. We do recommend that you rent a bike during your stay or if you have your own suitable enduro or downhill bike.

Bike park in Järvsö with lift access 

With the right bike and equipment you can have a more fun and safe experience in Järvsö. 

Bike downhill in Järvsö Bike Park. Everyone can try and test downhill biking.

Biking for everyone

If you can ride a normal bike you can also try downhill biking and have fun in our bike park. Try the easiest trails before you move on to more difficult once. 

This is what a mountainbike downhill bike looks like. Bike downhill in Järvsö.


Everyone can bike downhill

This is what a downhill bike looks like - it is definitely more robust than your regular bike you take to work or the store. A downhill bike has a stronger frame, sturdy wheels and disc brakes that make riding down our trails a fun adventure. With lots of suspension both front and back, it rides over bumps in the ground very well. You will be surprised how the bike handles obstacles. A good tip is to book the downhill introduction course that starts 09.00 every morning.

Here in our online shop, you can rent everything you need - booking in advance is a good idea, as our rental is very busy during both summer and autumn. Many days are fully booked!

We recommend that you book an introduction course when you rent a downhill bike. 

Why you should rent a downhillbike

  • Renting is easy! Pick up a freshly serviced bike in the morning - hand it in when you have finished riding.
  • The location. We are on site right by the lift and when you rent, you roll out of JBP and straight to the lift.
  • Quality. Always ride the latest models from NS Bikes and Bergamont.
  • Safety. You never have to screw or tinker with the bike yourself - our workshop will fix it right away.
  • Additional equipment. When you rent a bike from us, the necessary equipment is ALWAYS included such as helmet, upper body protection, leg protection and jersey. NOTE goggles are not included.
  • The number of bikes is limited, so please book in advance!

Our rental is located right by the lift in Järvsö Bergscykel Park. This is also where you buy bike passes and eat the best lunch in Järvsö!


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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